Your business IT is one of the most important tools you have, so ensuring that it is properly maintained is essential. One of the most effective ways to keep your tech working effectively is with a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

An MSP works on a monthly retainer model, that provides your business with a set number of IT support hours along with a number of other benefits, that you wouldn’t get on an ad-hoc arrangement.

Here are some on my top reasons why an MSP would be beneficial to your business.

Fixed Fees

Knowing what your expenses are each month is extremely useful, especially when you’re managing your cashflow. When using an IT company for ad-hoc IT support, these expenses can soon mount up, and you will more than likely have to pay after each callout or remote support session. With an MSP, you will have a set number of hours each month for remote and/or onsite support for a fixed fee each month. This provides peace of mind that your IT support is covered and there are no surprises when the bill lands in your inbox and the end of the month. You’ll also have the flexibility to add on extra hours, should you need it.

Faster Response Times

When IT goes wrong, it can cause major disruptions within your business. With an MSP, you will be given “priority support”, which means that when there is an issue you benefit from faster response times than what you would if you were an ad-hoc client. You will have an agreed SLA contract beforehand which will outline how quickly you can expect a response/resolution to your enquiry, depending on its severity.

Dedicated Management

Using an MSP means that you will have someone who knows your systems, your settings, as well as previous faults and resolutions, managing your IT. They will be able to provide a much faster and effective IT support service for your company meaning less time is wasted trying to understand your IT systems and more time is spent getting you back up and running so you can start earning money again!

Added Benefits

You’ll likely receive added benefits, such as antivirus, cloud backup, and system

monitoring so that problems can be detected before they become an issue for you. These types of benefits are not always included with ad-hoc support and are usually an additional charge.

Every IT company provides variations of Managed Support so it’s worth doing your research to see what is included in their support package. If you would like more information please get in touch to see how Digital Dragons can help your business.