Business VOIP

Simple, Reliable and easy to use

Core Features

Our hosted digital voice telephony solution provides a fully managed telephone service for your business. It removes the need for you to purchase, install, maintain and upgrade expensive equipment. Your telephone service is fully managed and we provide you with simple tools to make common changes in real time. If your business moves premises (or employees need to work from home) you can simply take the phones with you and they will continue to work (internet connection required).

Easy Setup

Plug-and-play phones – zero configuration required

Keep Your Number

Keep your existing numbers and add additional local and national UK Numbers.


Maintained 24×7/365days with fully resilient and geographically redundancy.

Phone Support

UK based expert support when you need it the most.


Supports the Green IT Initiative – no power, no heat generation, no cooling!

Feature Rich

Pay for what you want when you want it

Ready to get started?

If you would like more information regarding our high speed reliable broadband connections. Simply email me or give me a call.